The Pas Community Development Corporation has been in operation since 1996 and is an independent agency from Town of The Pas that provides economic, community and tourism development that benefits the residents of The Pas & Area.

Our Mandate:

*   be a catalyst for the attraction of new business and industry to the region, 

*   support existing industries and enterprises, and

*   be a benefit to the community we serve

To view our 2019 Annual Operating Plan, please click here.

To view our Town of The Pas Council Presentations:  04.09.18 | 09.22.18

CDC Board
of Directors

Andre Murphy - Chair
Rod Berezowecki - Vice
Kathi McConnell-Hore - Trs/Secr
Jerome Conaty

Kent Cook
Alan Gibb

Murray Haukaas
Trevor Lane

Doug Lauvstad
Roland Le Sann

Linda Markus

Rob Penner

Jackie Rechenmacher
CDC Coordinator

PO Box 335,  R9A 1K5
The Pas, Manitoba 

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