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Previous Initiatives

Working closely with local economic groups from The Pas, the RM of Kelsey and the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, we envision even stronger partnerships between our communities to assist economic growth for our area.

Please visit the specific tabs for more details on current projects. Below are a few projects that have taken place in the community. 

North Forge Technology Exchange

North Forge Technology Exchange is an innovation-based economic development agency and a powerhouse community to fuel Manitoba’s innovation economy through collaboration and access to our shared resources.


In partnership with University College of the North (UCN), North Forge is kicking off the new year with a continued mission to boost economic growth in Northern Manitoba.

OCN Aerospace Initiative
(Formerly CAHRD North Initiative)

Originally based out of Winnipeg, CAHRD North looks to provide Northerners a future of increased economic prosperity and self-sufficiency.  By partnering with UCN The Pas, this has huge potential for our entire area.


After submitting an application to the Smart Cities Challenge, the Tri-Council found out June 1, 2018 that we are top 20 in Canada, the only finalist from Manitoba, and the only Tri-Community to submit an application together.  The Tri-Council received a $250,000.00 grant towards writing the business plan.  You can view the proposal and video submission here.

For more information, contact the Smart Cities Challenge - working group main point of contact: Rose Neufeld by email

The Tri-Council is pleased to have completed the final submission to Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge.  A copy of the final proposal can be downloaded at the link below as well as a copy of the finalist video.

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