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The CDC conducted a brief public survey in January 2020 to gain basic knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in community.


See below for the most requested services. 

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Senior Housing (40%) and Apartments (31%) are the two most requested developments. We have amenities to draw people in, but require the housing to retain migrants and the senior population


Public Safety is a large concern, with 35% respondents identifying this as the most important focal point. Creating safety initiatives (Ambassador Program, improved lighting, social outreach programs) we can begin to address this issue. Business Development (33%) will increase local job opportunities, provide the services the locals request, and eventually decrease resident taxes through immigration. 


A developed tourism market can showcase our greatest asset, increase local business spending, improve community morale, and improve the local economy overall.  Runner up to business development, 22% of respondents agree to focus on tourism and recreation. 


An Arts & Culture Centre can host gallery displays, workshops, classes, events and rentals, artisan markets, and can host reoccurring events such as a Community Farmers Market. 52% of the residents support festivals and events. 

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Complementary Health & Family Services (14%) 

Most Requested Services

Men & Women Affordable Retail (28%)

Affordable Dining & Ethnic Foods (30%)

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