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Development Opportunities

Real Estate Listings
Looking to purchase property in The Pas or RM Kelsey? 
View listings from realtors at

Land for Sale
Commercial, residential, and industrial land for sale is listed on the Town of The Pas website, along with lot specs. 

Select Residential Lots 50% OFF in The Pas 
Residential lots for sale in the southeast corner of The Pas. Located close to schools, wellness centre, arena, swimming pool, ball diamonds, and daycare centres. 

Lots are currently serviced with curb, gutter, water, sewer, and hydro. Purchaser is responsible for costs associated with connection to all utilities.  Development must be in compliance with The Pas' Zoning By-law, and will require a building and development permit. 

Contact Town of The Pas for building permit applications or view online

50% OFF Residential Lots*
some conditions apply
Starting at $11,650
Regular price $23,300 


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