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Housing Needs Assessment

Housing Development
Building the residential capacity in The Pas/RM

Housing availability, both for purchase and rent, has been a deterrent for future growth and economic development in The Pas and RM Kelsey. The Pas CDC is investing in a Housing Needs Assessment of the two communities to see what types of residential developments are needed and what types of funding models would be best suited for our community. This is the first step in being able to attract the right type of development for the community. With the right data we are able to approach the right developers and form the right partnerships to achieve the goal of increased residential development. 

The housing assessment will also look at the social aspect of housing needs, and how to best incorporate social housing solutions in our community through partnerships and leveraging support systems already in place. 

The Pas CDC hosted a Open House on February 8, 2023 to engage with the community at the half way mark of the project.  

To review the presentation that was provided at the Open House, click here

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