Down Payment Assistance Program


The First Time Home Buyers Down Payment Assistance Program provides low to moderate income families with their first home.  The Pas CDC has been granted funding to place eight (8) families in their first home. The Pas CDC has prepared a program for prospective home buyers to complete, and upon completion of the program, the prospective home-buyers will be placed in their first home.

To be eligible for the Down Payment Assistance Program applicant(s) must:

  1. Applicants household income not to exceed the limit of $75,592

    • Total income includes wages and salaries, net income from self-employment, investment income, retirement pensions, and miscellaneous income such as alimony or government transfer payments of all household members 18 years of age and older.

  2. Applicants must not currently own a home or have any vested interest in a residential property within the past 5 years

  3. Applicants must be a household with dependents.

  4. The home-buyers should qualify for a mortgage from a National Housing Act approved lender and the initial mortgage term should not be less than five (5) years.

Once applications open they can be found on our website or you can request one at

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