Destination Marketing Committee

Town of The Pas Destination Marketing Committee has been in operation since December 2016 and is a grant approval committee on behalf of Town of The Pas.  The committee consists of individuals from different organizations/businesses from The Pas.

DMC Mandate:

*         to promote and enhance The Pas as a desirable tourist destination
*         to promote and support projects and activities that bring visitors to the community that utilize local hotels, businesses and facilities in The Pas
*         to promote and support community events that bring visitors to the community that increase the economic activity of The Pas

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Please view the Grant FAQ Powerpoint. If you are interested in applying, you can find the Grant Application here.  


Danny Halpin
Don Dunnigan
Darcie Thomson
Chad Zolinski

Herb Jacques

David Novo

Destination Marketing Coordinator

PO Box 335,  R9A 1K5
The Pas, Manitoba 

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